Our missionLeil Storage is committed to transforming the data storage industry with innovative solutions. By combining the trusted technology of spinning drives with cutting-edge advancements, Leil Storage delivers a solution that integrates the best of both traditional and modern approaches.
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About Us

The name Leil is derived from an ancient and sacred word in Estonian.

It comes from 'breath' or 'spirit' in proto-Uralic, the language group that Estonian belongs to. This symbolises the very essence of life because the sauna is our traditional place of birth and the sauna experience has long been associated with the whole concept of rebirth.

We are working hard to revitalize, redo, and correct many issues related to the concept

of large-scale data storage ranging in petabytes, which aligns perfectly with Leil Storage mission.

Estonians call leil a steam generated by pouring water onto hot rocks in a sauna.

There’s no sauna without leil — and hopefully there’ll be no proper backup and archival storage without leil too. Estonia, the country with most unicorns per capita in Europe, has not been too active in the field of storage and that’s the gap we strive to fill.

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