Enrich your technology with Leil Storage ecosystemWelcome to the Technology Alliance Program (TAP) at Leil Storage, where innovation meets collaboration. Our TAP is designed to forge powerful partnerships that drive technological advancements and provide superior solutions in the storage industry. By joining TAP, partners gain access to collaborative opportunities, and the chance to integrate with some of the leading technology providers in the market, all while expanding own reach.
Technology Alliance Program by Leil Storage


Technical Collaboration

Technical Collaboration

Work alongside our engineers to integrate technologies smoothly and innovate solutions.

Synergy of Using Our and Partners’ Products for End-Customers

Synergy of Using Our and Partners’ Products for End-Customers

Leverage our extensive network to reach more customers.

Co-marketing Opportunities

Co-marketing Opportunities

Benefit from joint marketing initiatives, increasing visibility and mutual growth.


At Leil Storage, we are proud to collaborate with renowned hardware vendors who are integral to building robust and scalable storage solutions. Our qualified hardware partners include:

Western Digital logo

Providing core storage capabilities and enhancing them further with reliable, technologically advanced drives and storage platforms.

AMD logo

Powering our data storage solutions with advanced and secure processing technologies.

Juniper logo

Ensuring high network reliability, full wire-speed capacity, AI-driven troubleshooting and operations.

nvidia logo

Leading networking technology that significantly enhances data throughput and reduces latency with network cards.

Broadcom logo

Host Bus Adapters are integral to Leil Storage systems. These HBAs enable reliable and efficient connectivity between servers and JBODs.

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Hardened and thoroughly tested Zefr memory modules provide enhanced industrial reliability, crucial for downtime-free data storage operations.

These partnerships allow us to deliver products that are not only reliable but also positioned at the forefront of technological innovation.


Qualified backup software enriches the Leil Storage ecosystem, ensuring our customers enjoy seamless compatibility and optimised user experiences. Reliable data protection and disaster recovery software include:

Veeam logo
Acronis logo
Rubrik logo
Cohesity logo
Veritas logo

in progress

Storware logo

in progress

Together, these integrations create more opportunities for our customers and provide them with solutions that are both powerful and user-friendly. What’s more, it opens up endless possibilities for enhanced support, not generic “compatibility”, that directly translates into improved user experience and more capabilities that software with native storage integration can provide.


Are you ready to elevate your business and expand your technological horizons? Contact us today to find out how you can become a part of Leil Storage's Technology Alliance Program. Let’s innovate together for a brighter, more efficient future. Let’s discuss your technology and how it can integrate with Leil Storage.

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